Consent Agreement

Before you apply

Friends, family, individuals, or organizations may be interested to learn that you are an applicant to Beware, but widespread public knowledge of your interest may limit your opportunities (current and future) within the organization. We therefore ask you to exercise discretion and good judgement about disclosing your interest in Beware.

Please read the following sections carefully before you submit an application. The information is designed to help you determine your qualifications.

Drug Use

To be considered a suitable operative, applicants must generally not have used harmful recreational substances within the last twelve months. If you are using cognitive enhancing drugs, plants, or supplements, this may be further discussed and likely dismissed, as the use of these substances is commonplace at Beware.

In addition, once you have become an applicant, it is highly encouraged that you DO take cognitive enhancing substances regularly.

Personal Integrity

Becoming an operative can be enormously fulfilling. However, it also demands integrity and honesty. Due to the nature of the activities conducted by our organization, operatives must be complicit to a code of conduct that demands secrecy. operatives must be trustworthy, reliable, and responsible.

Many applicants wonder if they can pass such scrutiny. Although these things are paramount to the success of Beware, our organization realizes that no one is perfect. Operation security officials consider the nature, extent, severity, and recency of past behavior. They weigh the potential risk and gain of each new recruit with care.

The Clearance Process

The clearance process begins with the submission of an application to Beware. It involves an examination of your social media, background, and fitness to become an operative. Think of this as building a bridge of trust between you and Beware. Candor is an essential ingredient in the establishment of that trust.

Please keep in mind the clearance process can be lengthy depending on your individual circumstances; your candor is critical to the timely completion of this process.

Final Notes

This organization believes in equal opportunity and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, age, or sexual orientation. However, inablity to complete an assignment will result the immediate cessation of your involvment with Beware.

Your continuous participation will further your advancement and fulfillment with Beware. It is understood that commitment and cooperation is the key to our success in these revolutionary endeavors. We are pleased to note that a sense of fulfillment with our operatives is generally a function of time with the organization, as well as the complexity of assignments.

Finally, by clicking 'Agree', you hereby agree to a non-negotiable non-disclosure agreement reguarding the disclosure of any information associated with Beware and the activities conducted by our organization.