1. Does this question have six words?

2. Is being right better than being wrong?

3. Can a child live with one parent?

4. does the ocean contain fish?

5. Does E come after D in the alphabet?

6. Do plants breathe what humans breathe out and vice versa?

7. Do people die in vain?

8. Do people assume too much?

9. are there 60 seconds in a minute?

10. Do telephones sometimes ring?

11. Is this an interesting project?

12. does time flow?

13. Are dogs, foxes, and wolves somewhat similar animals?

14. Is drinking water good for health?

15. do gloves go on your hands?

16. is al gore a democrat?

17. are some people scared of the water?

18. can you burn yourself on a stove?

19. does candy contain a large quantity of sugar?

20. is a plum a fruit?

21. does clinton like lewinski sucking him ?

22. Do unemployed means without job?

23. Are computers machines?

24. Is a clock used to show the time of day?

25. is there sunlight at 1:00pm?

26. Are all sides of a square the same length?

27. Do you like air?

28. Was Mark Twain an author?

29. Do you shoot arrows with a bow?

30. Do human beings die?

31. Is life a simulation made by consciousness?

32. Do chickens have wings?

33. Is a mountain mostly made of rock?

34. Hot peppers can be cold to the touch but feel very hot in your mouth?

35. Is is true that multiplication can be defined as repetitive addition?

36. Is an elephant generally bigger than a dog?

37. is this sentence in bold typeface ?

38. Does the moon have a thick layer of dust?

39. Is the human body mostly made of water?

40. Are dogs carnivores?

41. Does Ford make cars?

42. Do television sets have screens?

43. Does a calculator have buttons?

44. is black sabbath a band?

45. When crossing the road, should I look both ways?

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